Born in Marseille, Natacha and Vanessa lived all their life in a real artistic atmosphere. With a father designer and a mother stylist, it was almost natural for these two young girls to find their own way in the fashion world. Fashion is a passion. Natacha started her career with JC Jitrois. Vanessa begins in an important Parisian showroom specialised in ready-to-wear clothes. At that time, the two sisters loved already improve, alter and modernise a lot of old stuffs and clothes. They personalised every piece of tissue or leather they buy and, step by step, created their own style.


In 2005, Natacha and Vanessa create their brand "NV by Natacha Vanessa", specialised in skin material (leather, suede, fur and sheephskin). The collection is made for a modern generation of women: elegant, seductive and full of plainness. This smart "Urban Touch" is based on a perfect combination of materials which gives a wonderful look to a large range of tops, tunics, dresses, jackets and coats. Today, the brand is sold in many different multibrands stores located in Europe (France, Italy, Spain, Germany...) but also in Unites states, Japan and Mexico.